The Gir Cow

In India total we have about 40 different breeds of the cows, and out of them Gir, Kankrej and Dang are Gujarat’s oldest breeds. Gir cows are famous for their specific features, such as – more milk production per lactation, earlier adulthood, regular pregnancy, etc. In India, Gir cow is being raised by the people in the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka besides Gujarat.
By virtue of the qualities of adaptability with the condition and the climate – Due to the body structure that can adapt with the situation and climate easily, Gir cow stands distinct amongst all.

Gir cow is known by various names such as Kathiavadi, Sorathi, Deshi, Deshan, Bhodali, etc. Basically the Gir cows are known to be originated in and around the Gir forest, from which the name of the breed has been derived. By virtue of geography, the Surastra (western region of Gujarat) is a special region, in terms of – the climate, the flora and fauna, average rainfall, contrasting climate, grains requiring low water quantity, etc.